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Heat Treatment Protocol for Modulating Ionic Conductivity via Structural Evolution of Li3-xYb1-xMxCl6 (M = Hf4+, Zr4+) New Halide Superionic Conductors for All-Solid-State Batteries

Juhyoun Park, Daseul Han, Hiram Kwak, Yoonjae Han, Yong Jeong Choi, Kyung-Wan Nam*, Yoon Seok Jung* (Equally contributed)


Methyl Viologen Anolyte Introducing Nitrate as Counter-Anion for an Aqueous Redox Flow Battery

Sang-Soon Jang, Se-Kook Park, Sun-Hwa Yeon, Kyoung-Hee Shin, Haneul Song, Han-Su Kim, Yoon Seok Jung, Chang Soo Jin* 


Single- or Poly-Crystalline Ni-Rich Layered Cathode, Sulfide or Halide Solid Electrolyte: Which Will be the Winners for All-Solid-State Batteries?

Yoonjae Han, Sung Hoo Jung, Hiram Kwak, Seunggoo Jun, Hunho Kwak, Jong Hoon Lee, Seung-Tae Hong, Yoon Seok Jung* 

Relevant Presentation: ICC 8


Tailoring Slurries Using Cosolvents and Li Salt Targeting Practical All-Solid-State Batteries Employing Sulfide Solid Electrolytes

Kyu Tae Kim, Dae Yang Oh, Seunggoo Jun, Yong Bae Song, Tae Young Kwon, Yoonjae Han, Yoon Seok Jung* 


Preface to special issue: Solid-state batteries

Yifei Mo*, Yoon Seok Jung, Qiang Zhang 


Na2ZrCl6 enabling highly stable 3 V all-solid-state Na-ion batteries

Hiram Kwak, Jeyne Lyoo,†  Juhyoun Park, Yoonjae Han, Ryo Asakura, Arndt Remhof, Corsin Battaglia, Hansu Kim, Seung-Tae Hong,* Yoon Seok Jung* (Equally contributed)

Energy Storage Mater. 2021, 37, 47-54. (DOI: 10.1016/j.ensm.2021.01.026)


New Cost-Effective Halide Solid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Batteries: Mechanochemically Prepared Fe3+-substituted Li2ZrCl6

Hiram Kwak, Daseul Han,† Jeyne Lyoo, Juhyoun Park, Sung Hoo Jung, Yoonjae Han, Gihan Kwon, Hansu Kim, Seung-Tae Hong, Kyung-Wan Nam,* Yoon Seok Jung* (Equally contributed)

Selected as an Inside Front Cover

Highlighted in ‘2021 Science Highlight’ in National Synchrotron Light Source II (Brookhaven National Lab)

한국방사광 협회 우수 논문 선정 (방사광 과학과 기술 제28권 3호 [가을호])